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Professor Tracey McIntosh, from the Faculty of Arts, works with students in trying to work towards alternatives to the traditional prison system. By engaging with prisoners, particularly women and wāhine Māori, they look to get an insight into what resulted in their incarceration and how that cycle can be broken.

People who have been in prison often find it incredibly difficult to re-establish their lives once they have been released, which often results in them being sent to prison again. This incarceration affects not only the prisoner but also the wider community, particularly their children and whanau.

By focusing on the underlying causes of crime and the impact of incarceration on those affected, Tracey hopes that they will be able address these issues and drive positive change in both justice system and society. Being able to affect change in areas such as early prevention and addiction support is helping these students see benefits to society as a whole, right here at the University of Auckland.

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