At New Zealand’s leading university, our researchers never stop pushing boundaries with their ground-breaking work.
We've profiled some of our leading researchers to showcase the difference they're making both in New Zealand and globally.

Educating the next generation of Data Scientists 

Sebastian Link is an award-winning professor dedicated to finding deeper insights from better data.

He has brought statisticians and computer scientists together to educate data scientists. Part of their education is the statistical language R, the world’s most popular language for data analysis and developed right here at the University of Auckland.

He conducts research on the automated discovery of patterns to cleanse and structure data. This helps the next generation of data scientists gain more insights from better data using R. Sebastian is only one of many researchers who never stop pushing boundaries at the University of Auckland.

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Fibre and plastic contain the future of transport

Professor Simon Bickerton from the Centre for Advanced Composite Materials is a world-class researcher known for his work on composite materials. His research looks at developing manufacturing processes in innovative ways, to create high performance structures from composite materials.

With a focus on combining plastics, fibres and other components in novel manufacturing techniques, his cutting-edge research aims to enable the construction of future lightweight transport systems. Professor Bickerton’s work at the University of Auckland gained international recognition, sending him to Munich for three years to work within the BMW Group on the production of the futuristic i8 and i3 cars.

Professor Bickerton is one of many researchers who never stop changing the world at New Zealand’s leading university, the University of Auckland.

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Empowering technology with the power of interaction

Dr Danielle Lottridge is a world-class researcher for her work on human interaction with technology.

Her research, which draws on the fields of human computer interaction and human factors engineering, looks in depth into what happens at the precise moment of contact between humans and machines.

This insight into human interaction with technology is immensely significant in understanding people’s needs and wants in relation to developing future technologies.

Dr Lottridge’s extensive interest in this field has led her to conduct a range of experience, from understanding what multitasking on online platforms does to the human brain, to virtual reality as an aid for stroke survivors.

Dr Lottridge is one of many researchers who never stop changing the world at New Zealand’s leading university, the University of Auckland.

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New Zealand’s world-ranked University

The University of Auckland is the highest ranked New Zealand university in the main world university rankings.

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As the leading university in New Zealand, we recognise research and research-led teaching as primary responsibilities of our academic staff. We place value on fostering and publishing research of the highest quality.

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Our global engagement

The University develops key international relationships that will enhance its ability to perform as a globally competitive research-led University.

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